How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost For Face?

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost For Face? The cost of laser hair removal is by far the most often question ask. That is arguably the hottest question people ask when discussing the pros and cons of (LHR) procedures. This is unsurprising not only because people are very cautious about their savings or spending but also because laser hair removal itself is the most convenient way to get rid of unwanted or excessive hair available.

how much does laser hair removal cost for face

After all, nobody wants to remove hair through cheaper yet inconvenient ways like plucking, shaving or waxing. As long as LHR is offered, people are willing to pay good money for the convenience that technology made possible. Regardless, newcomers and even those who availed of the procedure keep asking the hot question time and time again…how much does laser hair removal cost?

How much does laser hair removal cost for face?

That truly depends due to many factors that are economic, social, scientific and technologically related. For one thing, too many people believe that LHR is very expensive even though the America Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that the average cost of the procedure is around $430. As for the very ends of the scales, LHR can cost a patient as little as $145 to even above $600.

So how much does laser hair removal cost for face?

1. The spot to be treated – patients can have excessive hair on different parts of the body such as the shoulders, the chest, the neck, the legs and certain parts of the face. If the affected area of the leg has excessive hair with a stretch of five inches, this alone will add to the time and cost of the procedure. Removing hair from both underarms cost between $50 to $150; for the buttocks it’s $150 to $300; and for the back it’s $220 to $550.

2. The flat fee – several LHR procedures come with flat fees and they can be implemented as either a part of a treatment package or as a standalone per-treatment fee. Even the patient’s body hair growth patterns may not exempt him or her from the flat fee.

3. Time frame – another factor is the measurement of time used in a laser hair removal session. A clinic for example can charge $80 per 15 minute segment and if it takes 45 minutes to remove the hair off both legs (including the thighs), the patient will be charged $240. It is notable that the speed of the laser technician as well as the efficiency of the laser hair removal device can determine the amount of time used.

4. Amount of hair removed – there are clinics that take into account the quantity of hair removed (as opposed to time measured) from the patient. As such having all the hair removed off the legs and thighs can be very costly as those parts of the body have a tremendous amount of hair follicles all over and can cost well above $400.

laser hair removal face

How much does laser hair removal cost? Depending on the above mentioned factors plus others such as whether the LHR service provider is accredited, how advanced the technologies of the clinic are and more, laser hair removal can go above the average of $429 and even soar above $600. And that’s just for one session!

There are LHR patients who come back for further sessions with the clinic and those new sessions can either cost more or cost less depending on the patients’ needs or hair problems. Some patients reported paying $1,500 for a total of 4 sessions.

No doubt about it. LHR is indeed expensive and before taking it, one must take into account the factors mentioned here and do some personal research of local LHR providers in order to determine how much does laser hair removal cost on his/her end.

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