How Much Does An Electric Violin Cost?

How Much Does An Electric Violin Cost? Most violin players are moving to electric violins basically because they give players an opportunity to play the violin, however, with an extra advantage. The sound electric output makes it possible for a classic music category to mix with modern music styles, which is the ideal means for introducing kids to violin playing. In addition, with electric violins it is easy to control the instrument’s sound output.

how much does an electric violin cost

Buying an Electric Violin

Whether a well experienced classical violinist, an ambitious jazz or rock player, an experienced fiddler, or a beginner making your first musical instrument purchase, selecting an electric violin may be a daunting decision-making process mainly due to the different models available. Electric violins come in various prices, features, shapes, and colors enough to make your head spin. How much does an electric violin cost is a question expected from beginners but in the real music world, seasoned players worry much about what one wants out of the violin: look, style and feel preference, as well as, tone preference

How much does an electric violin cost?

electric violinAs mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of prices for various electric violins. There is $100 dollar electric violin and others that can go for more than $3,000 as well.

Cheap violins cost between $100 and $500 each. Spending $249 to purchase a quality violin pick up, effects processor, as well as an amplifier, would be better compared to buying a $200 electric violin that may leave you frustrated. Even though one may decide to spend little to go electronic, this also means poor reliability, poor setup or no setup, and brittle tone or poor output.

Going for an electric violin that costs $500 or more means that you considerably have more options. Within this price range, you can get an instrument ideal for silent practice and function, as well as, sounds great just as performance violins. Violins that fit within this range of prices are still available and come from brands like NS Design, Yamaha and Wood violins, whose products produce great sounds that adhere to quality assurance standards. They have excellent tone and are reliable hence cannot leave you stranded on stage due to their failure.

Electric violins that cost between $1,000 and $1999 present most of the finest values offered by electric violins since they are ideal for professional performance as well as recording.

Electric violins whose price range between $2,000 and $2999 are top level professional instruments, which are handcrafted, offering design components or advanced features in most cases. In addition, they give multifaceted, full frequency tonal output via their pickup designs’ choice.

Electric violins whose cost is above $3,000 are no better than those within the price category one step below, as far as pickup, build or tonal quality is concerned. However, they have an excellent function and visual art combination. They are rare with exclusively stunning wood patterns, veneers as well as finishes.


An electric violin is the best alternative for acoustic violin in the case where one wants to rehearse without producing loud noises. However, you may rock out with one if you use it with an amplifier. How much does an electric violin cost is not the question anymore, every additional cent brings with it an additional feature that makes your playing more fun. It all depends on what you want from your electric violin.

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