Best Octane Booster

best octane booster

Importance of Finding the Best Octane Booster

Car enthusiasts are always looking to take the best care of their cars both inside and out and one of the most common goals is finding out what is the best octane booster for their vehicle. The right octane booster allows for a smooth flow in the internal combustion process. High performance resulting from using the best octane booster is necessary whether it is being used for racing or for simply to reduce internal buildup of carbon.

Gasoline at the pump only has an energy density of up to 4% but using the right octane booster can raise that exponentially. Using the best octane booster additive like alcohol, methanol, or lead will burn more efficiently and make sure your engine does not ping, knock, or misfire. Increased octane levels generally allow spark plugs to fire better. Simply put, finding the best octane booster is a must if you are looking to get top performance out of your car whether you are racing or just looking to take full advantage of your prized possession

Traits of the Best Octane Booster

octane boosterThe two main things to consider when choosing an octane booster are performance and cost. Ideally, you will find the right combination of price and the amount of boost you get from the product. Boost is measured either in points or in octane with ten points equaling one octane, so an octane booster that gives you 20 points would be a boost of two octane and one that provides 40 points equals four octane.

Cost is a mitigating factor when committing to bigger applications so whether you are using the octane booster for racing or just for increasing your vehicles octane level, you will want to weight the cost per boost and how many boosts you need to use. Gas station gasoline only has density up to 4% so higher performing vehicles may require an octane boost even when not racing. The only way to truly get the most out of a top of the line car is by using one of the best octane boosters around, so making the right choice is crucial for any car enthusiast.

What is the Best Octane Booster?

After close examination two octane boosters separate themselves from the pack when weighing both performance and cost. Klutz Octane Booster is one of them and it comes in a behemoth gallon jug, so you are getting plenty of booster for your buck. Additionally, Klutz Octane Booster can boost the energy level by an astonishing 100 points, or 10 octane, and also provides lubrication for the upper cylinder. The other top octane booster is the Torco Octane Booster Accelerator which provides the greatest boost. Although this product is typically used in racing, it can also be used for non-racing high performance cars.

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Torco Octane Booster Accelerator allows for customization of its blend and is able to increase octane levels to as much as 105 octane. Both of these products are at the top of the list of the best octane boosters on the market and provide high performance vehicles with much more than the energy density of up to 4% which is the standard at most gas station pumps.

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