Best Hid Headlights

HID headlights are bright headlights that almost seem to be shining a blue color. HID stands for high intensity discharge and the lights themselves are closer to neon lights than traditional light bulbs that are found in the home.

best hid headlights

To produce light HID headlights pass electricity through a gas, most commonly Xenon, whereas typical halogen headlights use a filament. The difference results in a yellow/white light from halogen lights and a blue/white light from HID headlights.

Why Buy HID Headlights

HID headlights first appeared in the Nineties as a luxury add-on on high end vehicles.These days HID headlights now not only come standard with some cars but can be added to any vehicle with the purchase of an HID kit but they can be very expensive both to purchase and replace. So, why buy them? Well, one common reason is that they make cars look really cool at night, but the more practical reason is safety.

headlightsHID lights are not only brighter, but their blue color also more closely resembles daylight, allowing for much better night vision. People driving down dark or unlit roads will find it much easier to see where they are going and to be aware of any obstacles that might exist.

Another advantage to buying HID headlights is that they can vary in brightness, allowing car owners to fully customize their headlights and to find a level of brightness that is appropriate for where they are driving.

Finding the Best HID Headlights

Since HID headlights and HID headlight kits have now been on the market for a few decades there have been major advances in the technology which have not only made the headlights better but has also made them more affordable.

While HID headlights are now cheaper they are still fairly expensive so it is important for any auto enthusiast to do some shopping around and reading up on the headlights to see which ones best suit their needs.

The most popular, and also one of the best HID kits out there, is the Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit. This kit offers an astonishing range of brightness that goes from 3000K all the way up to 30000K. The kit is easy to install with all of the individual components easily snapped right into place.

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Typically installation is completed in twenty minutes or less and Kensun is well known to provide excellent customer service. Another great option is the Apex HID Xenon Conversion Kit which is a cheaper option at only around thirty dollars and comes in a variety of colors.

The installation of this kit does take a little bit longer than the Kensun kit but it also requires no wire work to get the headlights up and running. These are two of the best HID headlight kits around today and you really can not go wrong with choosing either for your vehicle. The Kensun is a bit easier to install and a little bit more sturdy but the Apex kit runs a little bit cheaper and gives owners the choice of different color headlights.

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